Heated hooded sweatshirts? Yes Please!

How we each view the temperature is relative. No matter where you live, there is a temperature you think is “cold.”

Whether it is -20 in Minnesota or a cold 73 in Florida, there is that threshold. When you meet that threshold it is time for a hoodie, but not just any hoodie, a heated one.

Be one of the first to own the New Edition Men’s Heated Hoodie with a heated hand warmer in the pouch to keep hands warm and dry throughout the day.

G-Tech Apparel is a high-tech apparel company that specializes in heated clothing. John Forzani founded the company while playing football for the Calgary Stampeders in the CFL. Knowing he was onto something great, John partnered with University of San Francisco alumnus, NCAA Division I golfer and childhood best friend Jesse Galvon to create G-Tech. 

The G-Tech Hand Warmer, their first product, was initially designed for players in the CFL trying to battle Canada’s harsh winters. Since then G-Tech has not only expanded into the NFL and professional golf, I use the hand warmer to keep me hands ready to capture images. We all relied on G-Tech products to keep our hands warm regardless of the cold weather conditions we are working or playing in.

Although the Hand Warmer it is undoubtedly a useful tool for elite athletes of all sports, G-Tech’s Therma-Grip heat technology is now being embedded into the brand new Hoodies!

Not only can they be used for a multitude of cold weather activities like snowboarding and skiing, or working outdoors, it can also be incredibly beneficial for those who suffer from cold hand syndromes such as Raynaud’s or Arthritis.

Regardless of what purpose you choose to use the G-Tech Hoodies for, you will be one click away from instant heat. Shop the collection here.